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Scheduling Software Benefits and Capabilities

When you choose Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software, you get a complete and easy-to-use software solution that addresses your organization's employee scheduling challenges and helps you control labor costs.   Snap Schedule’s graphical interface, drag-and-drop scheduling, and automatic schedule generation features let you easily create optimal shift schedules for your employees. Its innovative multi-view schedule planner gives you multiple vantage points to view and adjust employee schedules to proactively manage daily staffing.

With Snap Schedule employee scheduling software, you can:

  1. Schedule any number of employees, positions, skills, shifts, and locations
  2. Lower administrative costs associated with staffing, scheduling, and managing employee work schedules
  3. Save money by reducing overtime, over/under staffing, and scheduling conflicts
  4. Give managers access to scheduling, cost, and employee information so they can make faster and better informed decisions
  5. Instantaneously access everyone’s schedule and availability so you can respond to changing demands faster
  6. Ensure compliance with union, labor rules, and other management objectives

Snap Schedule is the scheduling software built for the unique demands of your business. It fits your budgets, your needs, and your business plan. It's the perfect scheduling tool for any organization including:

Snap Schedule software is exactly designed to cover multiple locations.   I can easily handle physician's requests and their individual preferences, such as days they won't work.   I put in authorized vacations, surprise days off or sick days.   It alerts me if I try to mis-schedule someone.

Claudia Olson, MD. The Vancouver Clinic

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