Employee Scheduling in a Snap

What do Snap Schedule Premium’s users say?

Below are our most recent business and government case studies about the in-hand benefits Snap Schedule Premium employee scheduling software delivers. These short articles analyze how Snap Schedule Premium slashes hours off of staff scheduling tasks, trims payrolls, cuts overtime, and delivers easy and accurate reporting.

Windsor Police Department

Employee Scheduling Software Helps Police Serve Community Better and Trim Excess Overtime by 90%

The dynamics of this software are phenomenal.  It gives us visibility and overviews we never had.  Schedule misunderstandings are nearly impossible, except when there’s human error.  This new clarity helped us reduce overtime pay mistakes by 90 percent.

William Freeman
Detective Sergeant
Windsor Police Department

Canadian Blood Services

Call Center Scheduling at National Help Desks Schedules Shifts to Support 4,700 Health Users

Today, with Snap Schedule Premium, after I create our schedule and work in the changes, each person will receive an individual shift schedule by email. Then I publish a report outlining the complete employee schedule on our department web site. I can’t imagine shift scheduling software working any other way.

Gilles Pinard
Client Support Analyst Team Lead
Canadian Blood Services

City of Cerritos Public Library

Library Staff Scheduling Software Stretches Budget, Cuts IT and Admin Hours, and Pleases Staff

Tighter city budgets now require all library departments to do more with less during 67 service hours, seven days a week. The library’s modern, ever-evolving programs and exhibits must be continually conceived, created, staffed, and maintained by 91 employees—25 percent fewer than before. For staff convenience and interest, the library schedules 77 shifts, most of them offering a variety of desk assignments and tasks within a day.

... Snap Schedule Premium saves 20 hours weekly of staff and IT time—one-half of a professional’s fully loaded compensation...The most-used feature is its task assignment capability. With fewer staff, each person must wear more hats, so schedulers can divide any shift into sub-tasks, desk assignments, sub-duties, even exact lunch and break times. This feature facilitates offering a variety of assignments, yet verifies that desks, tasks and shifts are covered.
Snap Schedule Premium Employee Scheduling Software