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Business Appointment Manager 2010 $995
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Protect your software investment with our Annual Software Assurance Plan (ASAP). This exclusive offer is available only when you purchase a new software license.

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Buying ASAP is the only way to get year-round telephone support, upgrades and new versions — at no extra charge.

As your partner in business productivity and efficiency, Business Management Systems (BMS) understands you must maximize the productivity of every software solution.

To that end, BMS highly recommends purchasing the Annual Software Assurance Plan (ASAP) with your BMS software license.

We’ve made it very affordable. It’s a modest investment whose value grows with every new upgrade and major release that you download free with your ASAP subscription.

All these benefits are only available through ASAP for one year from the time of purchase:

  • Free Software Upgrades and Updates: Subscribing to ASAP helps you keep up-to-date with the latest technology, new functionalities, and patches for your licensed software. You get immediate Web access to download all applicable updates, enhancements, and full-version upgrades as soon as they are released.
  • Free unlimited telephone and e-mail support: Call or e-mail us as many times as you like and get priority treatment and fast response from our knowledgeable technical support staff.  Without ASAP, you would have to pay $139 USD for each per-incident telephone support call.
  • Help shape new product features:  If your needs and ideas are common to other subscribers, they may be implemented, giving you the features you asked for in a future download—at no extra cost.

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