Annual Software Assurance Plan (ASAP)

The only way to get year-round telephone support, updates and new versions—at no extra charge!

As your partner in business productivity and efficiency, Business Management Systems (BMS) understands you must maximize the productivity of every software solution.

To that end, BMS highly recommends that you purchase the Annual Software Assurance Plan (ASAP) with your BMS software license. This exclusive offer is available only when you purchase a new software license.

We’ve made it very affordable. It’s a modest investment whose value grows with every new update and upgrade that you download free with your ASAP subscription. Sign up for ASAP when you buy any of our software products and you’ll get all these benefits for one year from the time of purchase:

  • Free Software Upgrades and Updates1: Subscribing to ASAP helps you keep up-to-date with the latest technology, new functionalities, and patches for your licensed software. You get immediate Web access to download all applicable updates, enhancements, and major version releases as soon as they are available.
  • Free unlimited telephone and e-mail support: Call or e-mail us as many times as you like and get priority treatment and fast response from our knowledgeable technical support staff.
  • Help shape new product features:  If your needs and ideas are common to other subscribers, they may be implemented, giving you the features you asked for in a future download—at no extra cost.

How Much Does ASAP Cost?

Although ASAP membership isn’t included in the purchase price of any BMS software license, ASAP is affordably priced at just 40 percent of the licensing cost of your BMS software.

Once enrolled in ASAP, your renewal rate will remain the same as long as your ASAP subscription remains continuously in effect. Because ASAP’s benefits may vary through the years, the plan’s current enrollment benefits apply upon each renewal.

If you allow ASAP to expire once enrolled, you will not be able to renew it.


  • What do I lose if I don’t purchase ASAP?

    Money. Convenience. Efficiency.

    Without ASAP, you will have to pay the full price of a new license to upgrade your software to a newer version. ASAP is really a deal.

    You’d miss out on free telephone support and would have to pay $139 USD each time you request a per-incident telephone support call.

    Bottom line? ASAP is worth it!

  • Why should I renew ASAP after its initial 12-month period?

    ASAP’s benefits automatically expire twelve months after the plan is purchased. Downloads, support discounts, and any other ASAP subscription benefits expire when your membership lapses.

  • How do I renew and make sure I’m always current?

    We will notify you sixty days before expiration so you can plan and budget your renewal. Then, we renew your ASAP subscription as soon as we receive your payment for the correct amount.

    Remember, renew it or lose it.

  • Why should I buy ASAP? Maybe I can get by without it.

    Because efficiency is your most important goal.

    You buy our software because you hate seeing people and resources sit idle—or lose income due to scheduling conflicts. You can’t stand seeing hours drain into manual tasks that our software could compress into seconds or minutes.

    Invest in efficiency! Order ASAP when your order your software.

1“Software Upgrades” include new major versions of software and are typically released at least once a year. "Software Updates" include minor software releases, bug-fixes, and patches. BMS, at its sole discretion, decides what each release and download includes, and when they occur.

2Free telephone support is provided in the same manner as per-incident telephone support at no cost to ASAP subscribers.

3CDs of software and hard copies of documentation are not free; contact us for pricing.

4Purchase of the ASAP Plan does not in any way extend, modify, or enhance BMS’s original software licensing terms and conditions. The duration of the ASAP plan shall be for a period of twelve (12) months from date of purchase.