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Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software. Click for more information. Click to view Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software video. Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software. Click for more information.

Snap Schedule Employee Shift Scheduling Software helps you create optimal employee work schedules, monitor and control labor costs, manage vacations and leaves, ensure adequate shift coverage, and eliminate scheduling conflicts — all from a modern Microsoft Office® user interface.

Unlike web-hosted, online employee scheduling software, Snap Schedule installs and runs on your computer and does not require constant Internet connection. It keeps all your sensitive staff data, pay rates, costs, and scheduling data locally under your control. Best of all, you pay for the software license once and own it forever — no recurring payments, no subscription fees.

Packed with powerful scheduling and reporting features, Snap Schedule gives you instant access to key decision-making criteria, including staffing requirements, overtime and on-call hours, labor costs, skills and certifications, employee availability, preferences, and more.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, or Windows XP SP1, or Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008 / Office 2003 or 2007
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