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Employee shift scheduling software - Snap Schedule

Powerful Employee Scheduling Software Features

Familiar User Interface

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  • Familiar Microsoft Office® 2010 style user interface reduces complexity and speeds up learning.
  • Contextual tabs bring up command options relevant to what you are doing.
  • Context sensitive right-click menus make it easy to add, edit, and delete data records.
  • Mouse-over tooltip expands scheduling details and provides explanations.
  • One click dialing and one click e-mailing of work schedules put you in touch with your employees instantly.
  • Zoom to see work schedule overview or details.
  • Color coded shifts, time off reasons and employee positions help you easily track assignments and shift patterns.
  • Persistent user settings allow you to see the same exact settings as from when you last left off.

Drag & Drop Employee Scheduling

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  • Software easily handles multiple and split shifts, on calls, and time off.
  • Drag & drop to easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy assignments.
  • Copy data from a past scheduling period to make new schedules.
  • Undo, add, edit, delete shift assignments via right-click menus.
  • Software lets you easily find available employees to fill open shifts.
  • Ensure adequate staffing with the shift coverage planner.
  • Software lets you select the best employees for shifts based on availability, labor cost, work hour limits, seniority and other criteria.

Automatic Employee Scheduling

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  • Use the Generate Schedule wizard to easily model and generate any fixed, oscillating, staggered, mixed, and rotating shift schedule.
  • Software automatically generate work schedules using user-definable schedule plans.
  • Preview the generated work schedules and make changes as necessary before committing assignments to the database.
  • Software automatically display alerts for any employee scheduling conflicts.

Shift Premium, On Call, and Overtime Pay

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  • Software lets you specify up to three rules for shift premium calculation. A shift premium pay can be a fixed amount per shift, a fixed amount per hour for each hour worked, a percentage of the employee’s hourly rate for each hour worked, or any combination of the three.
  • Snap Schedule software provides a very flexible scheme to handle practically all types of overtime pay through the use daily overtime rules and work period overtime rules. The resulting overtime pay is the sum of the products of all rules that are enabled.
  • An on-call pay can be a fixed amount per shift regardless of the number of hours worked, a fixed amount per hour for each hour worked, a percentage of the employee’s hourly rate for each hour worked, or any combination of the three.
  • Shift premium can be payable only on the portion of the shift that falls within a specific time period of the day.

Maintaining Complete Employee Information

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  • Use the software to monitor and report expiration status of employee skills/certifications. You specify when a skill/certification is about to expire or needs to be renewed. Snap Schedule alerts you when an employee’s skill/certification is within the specified number of days from expiration.
  • Import employee data from Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Accounting, or an Excel spreadsheet template.
  • Manage employee records and maintain employee contact information, availability, position, labor rate, authorized work locations, skills and certifications.
  • Customizable fields (25) for each employee record to help you track information that is unique to your business.
  • Manage employee vacations, time off and holidays.
  • Allow multiple employee availability intervals for each day of the week

Schedule Setup

  • Software supports an unlimited number of schedule data files. Employees, shifts, and scheduling information are stored in a single Microsoft SQL Server database file (up to 4 gigabytes) for easy access and backup.
  • Secure schedule data files with password protection option and 128-bit file level encryption.
  • Schedule an unlimited number of employees, shifts, and time off requests.
  • Unlimited positions and work locations. Use positions and work locations for employee grouping, filtering or as criteria filling an open shift.
  • Set non-working days (business closures, observed holidays, etc.) for your business.
  • Define skill sets and locations where an employee is allowed to work.
  • Easily specify when employees are available to work, desired work hours, and labor law constraints.

Multi-view Employee Scheduling

  • View assignments and schedule employees from four different views. Use whichever view is easiest and most effective for your scheduling needs.
  • The Daily view shows all shift and time off assignments for each employee for each day in the specified date range. You can view assignments by shift or by employee.
  • The Shift view shows employee staffing for each shift along with coverage summary for each job position.
  • The Task view lets you schedule tasks and breaks within an employee's shift. You can accomplish this by first assigning a shift to an employee then schedule the employee to perform various tasks during the shift.
  • The Calendar view presents work and time off assignments for each employee similar to a calendar or monthly planner.
  • Create custom filters and save them in the schedule file for future use. Use custom filters to display employees or shifts that meet very specific criteria.
  • Create rolling work schedules - from days to years.
  • Software lets you view employee availability, track planned and unplanned leaves and work hours scheduled.

Auto Conflict Detection

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  • Automatically check for scheduling conflicts and display alerts on Schedule Planner.
  • Software displays alerts when an employee is scheduled on a non-working day or is unavailable.
  • Enable/disable individual conflict checks and select a different color for each of the conflict error flags.
  • On-demand report to check for shift assignment conlicts and work hour constraints for specific date ranges. Regular and overtime work hour limits for each day or work period can be specified for each employee.
  • Show the number of employees scheduled by position for each shift so you can quickly see if any position is over/under staffed while making shift assignments.

Extensive reporting capabilities

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  • Comprehensive reports in multiple categories. Customize standard reports to fit your needs and save them for future use.
  • Filter, sort, and group report data in thousands of ways.
  • Preview report before printing.
  • Use the software to export report data to Excel, PDF, RTF, and many more popular formats.
  • Drill-down on embedded hyperlinks for more details, and make changes to the underlying data.

Printing, exporting, and emailing work schedules to employees

  • Print Daily, Shift, Calendar schedules and shift assignment reports to communicate schedule information to management and your employees.
  • Easily preview and publish work schedules and any report in PDF and a variety of other formats.
  • Automatically email work schedules (in text or iCalendar file format) to all or a selected group of employees.
Snap Schedule software makes changes and variables easier to manage.   It lets me generate shift and rotation schedules for a year into the future, or even more.   I see better what's happening and can compensate for unexpected high demands or last-minute time-offs for family matters.   I also print shift and rotation scheduling reports to compare with payroll, so we have a reality check.

Captain Jeffrey D. McDougal
Operations Division Commander
Zephyrhills Police Department

We have to schedule people over multiple sites, then assign varying tasks by each site—some similar, some unique.   And they aren’t always the same tasks each week.   We had been coping with these scheduling complexities in a very time-consuming way using Excel templates for shift work and task assignments.   Snap Schedule software is much easier, and so much more cost effective, than paper records or Excel.

Dean Morirson
Excell Cleaning Services Ltd.

Snap Schedule's time-off scheduling and ease of immediately compensating for emergencies or sick staff, and then re-scheduling people, is amazing.   Sensibly, Shift View has a “Select an Employee for the Shift” feature.   You drill down to see who's available, qualified, and not already over-scheduled.   It's done in a minute, and I know it's right.

Evan Pidgeon
Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

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