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Employee Scheduling Template

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This simple employee work schedule template lets you create and print weekly employee shift schedules with customizable start day. Use it to schedule up to 20 employees and 9 shifts. Work hours and labor costs are automatically computed based on the shift assignments and labor rates you entered.

This Weekly Employee Shift Schedule Template is only capable of scheduling employees one week at a time. As a spreadsheet template, it is limited by what Excel can do. If your scheduling needs are more than just creating a weekly work schedule, you should click here to download and try our Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software free for 30 days.

To use this Weekly Employee Shift Schedule Template, you will need Microsoft® Excel 2007.

Download our free employee shift scheduling templates from Microsoft Office.com

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Snap Schedule’s extensive collection of shift plans encompasses the vast majority of scheduling needs for shift-based organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, police and fire departments, public safety agencies, call centers, help/support desks, and production/manufacturing companies. Some of these shift plans are also implemented in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet templates and made available for downloading from Microsoft Office.com website. Click here to view our scheduling templates on Office.com.