Suppose you were asked to come up with a shift schedule for your business. You have studied your business needs, workload, labor rules, health and safety requirements, and are aware of your employees’ desires and preferences. Ready to tackle the task, you begin to sketch out different shift patterns, draw the X’s and O’s to represent working and non-working days, and juggle the number of employees and shifts to get the coverage you need. You also want to rotate your employees and balance the required positions. Unless shift work consulting is your day job, you will soon find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time and still not getting your schedule done. There has to be a better way!

Snap Schedule is the scheduling tool you’ve been looking for. With its pre-designed schedule plans, creating a new schedule is easy – select a plan, answer a few questions, and Snap Schedule does the rest!

Master Your Shift Scheduling

Snap Schedule 365 Automates It All!

Discover the power of automatic shift callouts, open shift notifications, time off & overtime management.