Snap Schedule 365

Online Employee Scheduling Software

Snap Schedule 365 brings to the cloud the legendary ease of use and powerful scheduling features you have come to expect in Snap Schedule. From home to business, from desktop to mobile device, you and your employees can have 24/7 access to schedule data and employee self-service features. More...

Snap Schedule Premium

Enterprise-Level Employee Scheduling Software

Snap Schedule Premium brings innovative scheduling, reporting, and management features to businesses wanting a multi-user, on-premise workforce scheduling solution. It has the features you need now to reduce costs, avoid conflict, improve efficiency, and can scale up as your scheduling requirements grow. More...

Snap Schedule

Windows-based Employee Scheduling Software

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software is a practical solution that will ease your everyday scheduling hassles. Scalable to unlimited numbers of employees, Snap Schedule software helps you quickly create employee shift schedules, track overtime and labor costs, and get accurate data reporting. More...

Used in Virtually Every Business Segment & Size

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All businesses share a common requirement. Whether your goal is to protect, nurture, teach, serve, or build, your success depends largely on one thing — your employees. If your staff is not appropriately scheduled, you cannot effectively meet your business goals. Snap Schedule software products are designed to help you do just that — meet your business goals. Snap Schedule is an effective and powerful software tool that meets the demands of a wide spectrum of organizations.

We are proud to serve some of the world's biggest brands

Client Testimonials

I came across Snap Schedule online and within 2 hours I had built out my entire schedule. I was able to pick it up quickly because of how intuitive the program is.

Lieutenant Farley Redwood City Police Department

We love the employee access portal, and love all the reporting we can do. On a corporate level we can view what our needs are easily, and can manage time-off more simply.

Tiffany Kim Director of Medical Operations, LaserAway

We looked at a lot of different scheduling software. All of it just seemed so convoluted and complicated. The simplicity of Snap Schedule was a big selling point for us.

Mitch Price President, Florida State Security

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