About Us

Company Overview, Methods and Goals

Business Management Systems, makers of Snap Schedule software product line, expresses its corporate goals in terms of benefits to customers:

  • Streamline and ensure accuracy in complex operational tasks
  • Combine time-hungry tasks in one fast and efficient software suite
  • Give employees a short learning curve, then rapid task execution
  • Easily interchange data with widely used software and Internet services

With these product goals achieved and under continuous enhancement, Business Management Systems’ clear marketing communications, straightforward sales approaches, and mutually beneficial business alliances will speed corporate growth globally.

Product Focus

Business Management Systems' current efforts center on easy to use employee scheduling software. Snap Schedule product line helps you minimize the time you spend on creating, publishing, and maintaining shift schedules for your employees. Its scheduling and editing capabilities are specifically designed to accommodate all types of industries and around-the-clock operations. Employees can access their schedule information 24/7 via any web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Native Snap Schedule apps running in Windows and iOS devices are also available.

Snap Schedule products stand above older competitive products and give you the option to purchase and install the software on premise or subscribe to our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and pay as you go. They are built on the latest Microsoft software tools, and support interface to third-party software packages. Technical support, software upgrade, and customer collaboration programs are available.

A Track Record of Superior Software

The engineering and software development professionals now running Business Management Systems rocked the small-business software world by winning five Microsoft awards for software excellence over four years of constant product enhancement.

This team’s software line spread over five continents through a network of VARs. Intuit, IBM and Compaq became business partners and allies. A CNN Town Meeting broadcast described how their software and the Internet empowered small businesses to succeed against giants. The team’s SMB solutions were acquired by the world’s largest software company, and continue to expand to small businesses around the world.

From this heritage of development excellence Snap Schedule was born. No other company before or since has achieved those recognitions for the development of practical and useful business software.

We are proud to serve some of the world's biggest brands