Employee Scheduling Software Overview

Spend less time creating and publishing work schedules

The more time you spend on scheduling, the less time you spend on more value-added tasks or working directly with your employees and customers. Snap Schedule employee scheduling software gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface and powerful software tools that make scheduling employees, editing information, analyzing data, and distributing employee work schedules easy and simple.

Easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy schedules with a simple drag & drop

Complex shift assignments, such as split shifts, multiple shifts, paid/unpaid time off, and on calls, are all supported. You can schedule with confidence as Snap Schedule software automatically alerts you of any scheduling conflicts. You can instantly see the impact of scheduling changes because Snap Schedule software updates total hours and shift coverage data in real-time.

Reduce labor costs, foresee and avoid overtime

Snap Schedule software lets you accurately track and forecast employee absences and staffing needs. It warns you of scheduling conflicts and helps you minimize over-staffing, which in turn reduces payroll costs. As you create shift assignments, Snap Schedule software automatically sums up employees’ work hours, calculates overtime, on-call, time off, and shift premium pays, and provides detailed labor cost reports so you know instantly if you are on budget.

Schedule breaks and tasks to be performed in each shift

Within a shift assignment, you can schedule and specify which tasks (duties) an employee will perform or when an employee can take breaks. The Employee Count Graph in the Task View shows the total number of employees scheduled for each time frame on a selected date.

Ensure adequate shift coverage

The Shift Coverage Planner displays the number of employees scheduled to work by position, skill, or assignment reason for each shift and lets you quickly see any over/under staffed conditions. Snap Schedule employee scheduling software automatically computes and displays the assigned head counts and variances for comparison with the required employee head counts.

Know instantly where employees are assigned

No need to flip through pages of paper to see absentee, on-call, training, or overtime situations. And if there’s ever any question about coverage, you can use Snap schedule software to show shift and rotation scheduling for any date and location.

Save time and speed up shift rotations with pre-designed schedule plans

Snap Schedule comes with pre-designed schedule plans for fixed and rotating compressed work week, 8, 10, 12, and 24 hour work schedules that meet scheduling needs for virtually all shift-based businesses. You can select shift patterns, preview shiftwork schedules, and adapt them to fit your unique requirements.

Compile time sheet data and pass the information to payroll

As you create shift assignments, Snap Schedule software automatically sums up employees’ work hours, calculates labor costs, and provides detailed cost reports so you know instantly if you are on budget. Adjust the shift's scheduled start and end times to reflect the actual time worked and instantly see the revised the hours and costs. Add notes and reasons to record or explain deviations and then use Snap Schedule's extensive reports to provide time card data for payroll processing.

Quickly and efficiently fill a shift or find a substitute

With Snap Schedule software, you can easily find the right employees for the open shift based on position, skill, availability, labor cost, work hour limits, seniority, and other criteria.

Set reminders for training or certification expiration

Use Snap Schedule software to keep track of employees’ certification, training, and re-certification due dates. Snap Schedule software will display an alert when an employee’s skill/certification is within a specified number of days from expiration or is already expired.

Reduce the time to track and assign employee training, vacation and time off requests

You can define as many time-off reasons as you like and simply drag and drop a reason onto the schedule planner to mark when an employee will be on training or absent. Snap Schedule software keeps you up to date on who will not be coming in to work and why. Its comprehensive reports provide details on planned vacation, training, and time off hours for any time period you select.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Use a comprehensive set of standard reports to analyze your scheduling data; prepare records for day-to-day management and planning; and track agent activities, work assignments, labor costs, coverage, and time-offs.

Filter, sort, and group report data in thousands of ways. Include or exclude specific information in your reports, drill-down for more details, and make changes to the report data.

Try It For Yourself

Download Snap Schedule and try it free on your personal computer. The trial period starts on the day you first use our software and automatically expires 30 days after. You can use one of the sample schedules to evaluate the software features or enter real data and use Snap Schedule to schedule and manage your employees.

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