What do Snap Schedule’s users say?

Below are our some of business and government case studies about the in-hand benefits Snap Schedule delivers. These short articles analyze how Snap Schedule employee scheduling software slashes hours off of staff scheduling tasks, trims payrolls, cuts overtime, and delivers easy and accurate reporting.

Sierra Madre Police Department

Police Department Tightens Staff Scheduling, Gets Back Hours, and Can Save Overtime

On a larger scale, we can better avoid unnecessary overtime because Snap Schedule's overtime flags automatically display when a new schedule or change invokes overtime.   Its internal calculations are really a big benefit.   Snap Schedule's printouts are intuitively easy to read and use.   You don't look through every row and column, then ‘decode’ what's happening and where.   You just pull up dates, people and locations you want.

Larry Giannone Captain, Sierra Madre Police Department

Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunals, New South Wales, Australia

Snap Schedule Helps Roving Tribunal Retain $250,000 and “Significantly” Cut Payroll Costs

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software saved New South Wales taxpayers $250,000 in custom programming the second we saw how good this staff rostering program is, and stopped looking further.  Snap Schedule is also saving us quite significant payroll costs, as we're using fewer members to get through our caseload.   It gives us the visibility and control to schedule more members for full days of work.   Previously, we often paid full salary for days we could only partially fill with hearings.   Now, Snap Schedule thoroughly fills members' days, so we've cut back on more-expensive part-time staff.   We're rostering more tightly and more frugally.

Evan Pidgeon Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

CVPH Medical Center

Snap Schedule - A Remedy for Scheduling Pain

Before I found Snap Schedule, I was struggling with creating employee schedules manually for many, many years. It was an absolute pain...   My staff typically work the same shifts, and I have only 2 part time staff members, so with Snap Schedule I can either cut and paste week by week, or month by month, or I can auto-generate the schedules.   It’s very simple, and way more efficient than manually scheduling.

Miles Carver Manager of Invasive Cardiac Services

United Answering

Answering the Call for Scheduling Solution

I’m a big believer in Snap Schedule.   It’s the answer to all of United Answering’s scheduling needs.   It eliminates all the stress and headache of scheduling and is an absolute joy to use.

Gregg Snyder President, United Answering

St. Mary’s University College

Shelving Away Scheduling Issues

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software is very easy to use and a perfect match for the library scheduling needs. When I used Excel spreadsheets, I generally spent a couple of days to plan schedules for the entire term.   Snap Schedule really has helped me cut down the amount of time spent on scheduling.

Colleen Rowe Head of Library Access Services

SEMO Health Network

Multisite Healthcare Provider Gets a Boost in Staff Scheduling Efficiency with Snap Schedule

Now with Snap Schedule, it is extremely easy for me to quickly implement any requested changes and generate the new schedule.   I can just click and drag in order to swap shifts. In no time at all I can have an up-to- date schedule ready.   I no longer have to retype entire schedules, like I had done in the past using the old system, saving me a lot of time and tons of stress.

Chris Jones CIO, SEMO Health Network

BYU Department of Visual Arts

Mastering the Art of Student Scheduling

Thanks to Snap Schedule, I save entire days that would have been wasted working on creating work schedules.   Student scheduling has never been easier.

Sonya Schiffman Brigham Young University Department of Visual Arts

Zephyrhills Police Department

Florida Police Department Cuts Loose Excel, Arrests Overtime by 50%, and Drops Captain's Staff Scheduling Time 75%

We went from using 60 percent of available budget year-to-date down to 30 or 40 percent.   That saves taxpayers direct and indirect costs.   If we add that windfall to the hours the schedule planner saves, Snap Schedule employee scheduling software can pay for itself in a few days.

Captain Jeffrey D. McDougal Operations Division Commander

Mississippi Security Police

Shift and Rotation Scheduling for Large Work Forces

When I showed Snap Schedule to management, they were immediately impressed.   Two things hit them.   The sensible screens told them it was modern software, so it would have all the new tools and people would understand it.   It would also be easy to teach and spread to other facilities.   But the payroll projections and people-tracking capabilities sealed the deal.   We have a fixed budget to work with, yet we’ll never short-change a customer.   We have to ensure that our shift schedule has covered all the bases, yet not pay for superfluous staff.   Now we can do all that — and predict the financial results.

Jason Ramsey Scheduling Supervisor, Mississippi Security Police

The Vancouver Clinic

Multisite Medical Clinic Cuts Physician Shift Scheduling Time by Half and Has Complete Schedule Visibility

The hours I save are tremendous and that is still improving.   I can spend more time with patients.   Even though a clinic’s dynamic conditions force us to constantly tweak schedules, I still save 50 percent of the previous time spent in scheduling.

Claudia Foster-Olson, MD The Vancouver Clinic

Black Tower Security Services

Employee Scheduling Software for the Security Industry

Snap Schedule's easy entry and deletion of staff is a big plus because staff turnover and fluctuating workload is expected in the security and protection industry.   It's easy to insert a person's photos next to their schedule, and there's lots of room for individual training and certifications — another big plus when you shift-schedule security professionals.

Jason Torgasows Director of Operations, Black Tower Security Services Ltd.

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Client Testimonials

I came across Snap Schedule online and within 2 hours I had built out my entire schedule. I was able to pick it up quickly because of how intuitive the program is.

Lieutenant Farley Redwood City Police Department

We love the employee access portal, and love all the reporting we can do. On a corporate level we can view what our needs are easily, and can manage time-off more simply.

Tiffany Kim Director of Medical Operations, LaserAway

We looked at a lot of different scheduling software. All of it just seemed so convoluted and complicated. The simplicity of Snap Schedule was a big selling point for us.

Mitch Price President, Florida State Security