Roster Scheduler

The Best Roster Scheduler for Your Business

Snap Schedule roster scheduler helps you create optimal staff rota, monitor and control labour costs, manage vacations and holiday leaves, ensure adequate shift coverage, and eliminate scheduling conflicts — all from a modern Microsoft Office® user interface.

Packed with powerful scheduling and reporting features, Snap Schedule roster scheduler gives you instant access to key decision-making criteria, including staffing requirements, overtime and on-call hours, labour costs, skills and certifications, employee availability and preferences, and more.

Spend less time creating and publishing rosters

Snap Schedule roster scheduler gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface and powerful software tools that make scheduling employees, editing information, analyzing data, and distributing employee work schedules easy and simple.

Reduce labor costs, foresee and avoid overtime

Snap Schedule roster scheduler lets you accurately track and forecast employee absences and staffing needs. It warns you of scheduling conflicts and helps you minimize over-staffing, which in turn reduces payroll costs.

Ensure adequate shift coverage

The Shift Coverage Planner displays the number of employees scheduled to work by position, skill, or assignment reason for each shift and lets you quickly see any over/under staffed conditions.