Roster Templates | 24/7 Fixed and Rotating Shifts

Roster Templates for 24/7 Fixed and Rotating Shifts

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software speeds up complex scheduling tasks by providing over 30 pre-defined roster templates (i.e. pre-designed schedule plans) that meet scheduling needs for virtually all shift-based businesses.

Rosters are typically identified by their shift length, shift pattern, and average work hours per week. The right shift length will depend on the type of operations, work environment, and operating hours. For example, with 24/7 operations, three 8-hr shifts or two 12-hour shifts are most popular but any combination of shift lengths will do.

A shift pattern describes a sequence of working days and off (on/off) days over a time period. A shift pattern may include shift rotation. On fixed shifts, an employee always works the same shift (e.g. Day, Afternoon, or Night). On rotating shifts, an employee rotates from one shift to another according to a specific arrangement.

The average work hours per week is calculated from the work demand, shift pattern, and the number of teams (crews, platoons, squads, groups, etc.) needed to cover the work demand. For scheduling purposes, team members are assigned to work the same shift and rotation patterns (i.e. team members have the same days on, days off, and rotation pattern).

In determining the best roster for your business, you must ensure that the roster complies with the relevant Industrial and legislative provisions, provides efficient and effective utilisation of staff, supports work life balance, and covers service delivery requirements.

Using Snap Schedule, you can select one of the 30 pre-designed roster templates and automatically generate work schedules for any roster period. View how to generate work schedules from roster templates.