Rota Generator

The Best Rota Generator for Your Business

Confused how to create an optimal employee roster for your business? Snap Schedule rota generator is the solution as it helps you generate an optimal staff roster, review and control labour costs, survey vacation and holiday leave, calculate adequate shift coverage, and reduce scheduling conflicts — all from a modern Microsoft Office® user interface. It gives you instant access to key decision-making criteria, including staff coverage requirements, overtime and on-call usage, labour costs, employee availability, and more.

Spend less time creating and publishing rotas

Snap Schedule rota generator gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface and is a powerful software tool that makes scheduling staff, editing employee information, analyzing shiftwork data, and distributing employee rosters simple and easy.

Ensure adequate shift coverage

The Shift Coverage Planner shows you the number of employees that are scheduled to work and calculates any over or under staffed conditions by position, skill, or assignment reason.

Reduce labour costs and look ahead to avoid overtime

Snap Schedule rota generator accurately tracks and forecasts employee leave and staffing needs. It warns you of scheduling conflicts before they occur and helps you minimize over-staffing, which in turn reduces your payroll cost.