Product Editions Feature Matrix

Snap Schedule 365 Snap Schedule Premium Snap Schedule
Schedule Creation
Erase existing data and create a blank schedule
Create a new schedule from example templates
Scheduling Types
Shift-based scheduling
Task-based scheduling
Multi-location scheduling
Skill-based scheduling
Position-based scheduling
Drag & Drop Scheduling
Drag/drop to quickly assign, move, copy, or swap shifts
Drag/drop to quickly assign, move, copy, or swap time offs
Copy data from past scheduling periods to make new schedules
Undo, add, edit, or delete shift assignments using right-click menus
Select best available employees to fill a shift based on employee's labor cost, current work load, skills, seniority, and other criteria
Adjust individual shift assignments’ start and end times
Auto Scheduling
Auto generate work schedules for user-definable schedule plans
Create schedule plans for popular 8, 9, 10, 12, and 24 hour shift patterns
Support fixed, oscillating, staggered, mixed, and rotating shift schedules
Preview generated schedules and make changes before committing
Custom plug-in support to auto generate schedules based on company specific requirements, union agreements, labor laws, and employee demographic information
Task Scheduling
Schedule tasks and breaks within an employee's shift
Show coverage (employee counts) for time intervals from 10 to 60 minutes
Show/hide tasks on task view
Reassign a task to the best available employee based on current availability, current shift assignment, punch in status, and authorization to work at the current task location
Identify time gaps within a shift when an employee has no tasks assigned
Track work hours and labor costs by task for each employee
Schedule Views
Daily View by employee with work hour and labor cost totals
Daily View by shift with coverage and work hour summary
Shift View with coverage summary by position, skill, and assignment reason
Calendar view (Weekly and Monthly)
Task View with detailed task assignments and hourly coverage summary
Task View by Task showing how well tasks are covered by the scheduled employees
Schedule outlook with daily staffing graphs and action item reminders
Working with Schedule Views
User-configurable display data for individual schedule views
Custom sort specifications for display data
Custom display filters for employees, shifts, or locations
Color coded employee positions, shifts, time off reasons, and tasks
Icons and color coded alerts for scheduling errors and conflicts
Memorized configuration settings and display preferences for each user
Schedule unlimited number of employees, shifts, and time off requests
Add reasons to shift assignments
Add notes to shift and time off assignments
Set required staffing levels by position, skill, and assignment reason for each shift
Toggle on-call/standby shift assignments
Email schedules to employees
Real-time Scheduling Conflicts Detection
Shift assignment conflicts with employee's time off
Shift assignment conflicts with a non-working day
Duplicate shift assignments for same employee
Overlapping shift assignments for same employee
Employee not authorized to work at assigned shift location
Assigned shift not applicable on selected day of the week
Shift assignment reason does not apply to assigned employee
Assigned employee has a skill that has expired
Assigned employee has a skill that is about to expire
Shift assignment conflicts with employee's availability
Not enough rest time between employee's consecutive shift assignments
Task assignment is outside of allowed time window
Task assignment starts before shift's start time
Task assignment ends after shift's end time
Duplicate task assignments for same employee
Overlapping task assignments for same employee
Employee not authorized to perform assigned task
Employee daily work hours exceed maximum limit
Employee daily work hours are below minimum limit
Employee period work hours exceed maximum limit
Employee period work hours are below minimum limit
Employee daily overtime hours exceed maximum limit
Employee period overtime hours exceed maximum limit
Employee consecutive work days exceed maximum limit
Employee Information Management
Maintain employee contact information, picture, position, hire date, labor rate
Limit hours an employee can be scheduled to work per day or per work period
Assign minimum and maximum work and overtime hours per day or per work period for each employee
Set an employee’s availability, desired work hours in multiple periods for each day of the week
Designate authorized time off reasons for each employee
Designate home and authorized work locations for each employee
Allow up to 25 customizable fields for each employee record
Define employee's skills/certifications and skill expiration dates
Designate tasks that an employee is authorized to perform
Designate if an employee is exempt from overtime pay
Attendance Tracking and Labor Cost Controls
Automatically sums up employee work hours and calculates labor costs while scheduling
Auto compute regular and overtime pay based on scheduled shifts
Auto compute shift premium and on-call pay based on user-defined rules
Auto compute time off pay
Generate Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Period time cards
Punch view to show shift assignments and real-time tracking of the employee’s clock in/out times
View, edit, and add punch records to fix missed punches and exceptions
Show the variances between planned and actual work hours and costs
Reports based on punch clock data
Number of standard reports 53 50 34
Context sensitive filtering, sorting, and grouping of report data
Drill-down for more details, and make changes to the underlying data
Options to configure report formats and contents
Ability to include graphs and pictures in reports
Customize standard reports and save updated templates in memorized report list for future use
Preview report before printing (what you see is what you get)
Export report data to Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, and popular graphic formats
Custom report development available for a fee
Multi-Level Access Control
Multi-scheduler concurrent access
Role-based access control to accommodate full-time schedulers, managers, occasional users, and read-only users
Unlimited user accounts and roles
Grant/deny command execution, view, add, edit, delete data privileges to each role
Grant/deny access to running individual report to each role
Grant/deny access to sensitive data including labor costs and employee information to each role
Grant/deny access to scheduling data at individual locations
Collaboration with External Systems
Import employee data from Excel file
Custom plug-in support for data exchange with payroll and external systems such as Workday, ADP, SAP, Kronos
Cusom plug-in support to interface with third party Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
API for custom software development
Export data to Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, and other popular formats
Publishing Work Schedules
Print/export weekly and monthly shift assignment and time off calendars
Print/export  employee weekly and monthly calendars
Print/export shift assignments, task assignments, on-call assignments for selected time periods
Publish schedules in PDF and other formats for Internet/online viewing
E-mail schedules to employees in HTML, text or iCalendar file format
Employees can access their schedules online
Employee Online Access and Self-Service
Viewing Schedule
Allow employees to view own schedules in user-defined time periods
Option to view coworkers' schedules
Show schedule in monthly calendar format with color coded shifts and status icons
Filter to show/hide on calendar, shift assignments, time off, time off requests, open shifts and shift trades
Drill-down on calendar to show own and co-worker's shift assignments, time offs, requests, trades
Show shift assignment details with assigned tasks, notes, and location with clickable Google Map
Requesting Time Off
Employees can make time off/vacation requests online or from mobile devices
Schedulers/managers can track, manage, approve, or deny time off requests
Employees can see approval status online and/or receive alerts via in-app notifications
Shift Trade/Pick Up
Allow employees to post assigned shifts for bids/trades with other employees
Employees can invite all qualified or only selected co-workers to bid
Bidder can propose to swap shifts or to just take over the shift assignment
Employee can choose a winner from the submitted bids
Option to require scheduler approval for each trade
Schedulers and affected employees are instantly alerted on the trade status
Self-scheduling with Open Shifts
Schedulers can create an open shift for a position with the required employees and skills
Only qualified employees can view open shifts and bid for the shift they like
Schedulers can approve or reject bids and affected employees will be notifed
Punching In and Out
Employees can punch in and out of their assigned shifts
Employees can punch in and out multiple times during a shift
Schedulers can specify allowable clock in/out time windows
Schedulers can view punch data in real-time
Schedulers can run report on planned and actual work hours and costs
Time Card Information
Employees can view planned vs actual work hours for current, previous, or next payroll cycle
Show time card info for on call, overtime, paid and unpaid time-off hours
Lookup Co-workers
Employees can look up coworker’s contact information to call, text, or email
Schedulers can decide who to include or exclude from the directory
Update Availability and Contact Information
Allow employees to update their own contact information
Employees can update their availability to work for each dayof the week, in multiple time segments
Technologies & Infrastructure
Runs in a Web browser on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops with no download, no installation
iOS App available for employee access
Android App available for employee access
Data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database on Microsoft Azure cloud
Runs on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform on Microsoft-managed datacenters
Windows-based application
Work with on-premise Microsoft SQL Server
Work with Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition

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