Similar to the 21 Team Fixed 8 5D Plan, this plan is a fixed (no rotation) plan that uses 21 teams and three 8-hr shifts to provide 24/7 coverage. It maximizes the number of consecutive days off while still averaging 40 hours per week. Over a 7 week cycle, each employee has two 3 consecutive days off and is required to work 6 consecutive days on 5 of the 7 weeks. On any given day, 15 teams will be scheduled to work and 6 teams will be off. Each shift will be staffed by 5 teams so the minimum number of employees per shift is five.

21 Team Fixed 8 6D Shift Schedule


Plan IDC21TF08-1
Name21 Team Fixed 8 6D Plan
Applicability24/7 operations
Teams Required21
ShiftsDay (8-hr), Swing (8-hr), Night (8-hr)
Repeat Cycle49 days
RotationFixed plan, no rotation
Average Hours per Week40
Staffing FluctuationBalanced from shift to shift and day to day
  • 40 hour work week for 24/7 operations
  • Teams work the same shift sequence
  • Two 3 consecutive days off every 7 weeks
  • Seven teams must work continuous night shifts
  • Must have a minimum of five employees per shift
Common Usage24/7 operations requiring 8-hr fixed shifts.


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