The Challenge

Since 1978, SEMO Health Network, a non-profit, Federally Qualified Health Center, has been dedicated to providing under insured, low-income individuals in Southeast Missouri access to quality, affordable dental and medical health care. The medical care and dental providers of SEMO operate in fourteen different locations and offer a wide range of primary healthcare with the highest standard of technology.

Chris Jones, the Chief Information Officer of SEMO Health Network, knows how crucial accurate and efficient scheduling is in his field, which is why he relies on Snap Schedule for his employee scheduling needs. “My predecessor used Microsoft Word to create our schedule. When I was asked to take over scheduling, I found that it was extremely difficult, and would take me four days just to create one schedule. Of course, as soon as I thought I had completed that schedule, converted it to PDF format, and e-mailed it out to the employees, I would receive tons of requests for necessary changes that had to be made,” said Chris. After about two months of struggling to create work schedules on Microsoft Word, Chris knew it was time to look into alternate scheduling methods. “With our scheduling needs, I knew there was no way that I could keep creating schedules using the old system.”

SEMO Health Network medical providers are scheduled to work at clinics of various sizes and at different locations. “Although we try to make it so that each health care provider generally works at the same clinic, healthcare providers may need to be pulled from one clinic and scheduled to work at another depending on each individual clinic’s estimated workload. After I put out a schedule, within thirty minutes I will receive half a dozen changes that have to be implemented.”

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The Solution

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software is intuitive and its graphical drag-and-drop scheduling feature speeds up last minute changes. “Now with Snap Schedule, it is extremely easy for me to quickly implement any requested changes and generate the new schedule. I can just click and drag in order to swap shifts. In no time at all I can have an up-to- date schedule ready. I no longer have to retype entire schedules, like I had done in the past using the old system, saving me a lot of time and tons of stress.”

Fluctuating workloads, keeping track of individual provider’s availability and various clinic’s hours, and coordinating shift hours and locations used to be a nightmare before Snap Schedule. “Our standard work hours are 8 to 6 on Monday through Thursday, and 8 to 12 on Fridays, but the various clinics that our healthcare providers are assigned to work at actually operate at different hours. For example, we have one small clinic that works from 7:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, and another clinic is open from 8 to 5:30 Monday through Thursday with 30 minute lunches, and 8 to 12 on Fridays. Scheduling becomes even more difficult when I need to move an employee from a larger clinic to a smaller clinic or vice versa. The difference in operating hours at each clinic requires employee’s shift hours to be adjusted accordingly. It drove me nuts!”

Snap Schedule is a reliable and efficient tool. With so many variables to take into account when generating work schedules, Snap Schedule helps Chris keep relevant data and information about each clinic, such as business hours, organized and readily available. The multiple locations feature allows Chris to instantly know who works where and what shifts. Snap Schedule also automatically alerts Chris to any assignment conflict in the schedule, ensuring proper shift coverage at all times. “It is important for me to be able to update schedules rapidly and waste no time to let my healthcare providers know what city and clinic they will be working in and when, so they can plan accordingly.

“Even Snap Schedule technical support is great. Although I found the software easy to figure out, whenever I had a question and reached out to Snap Schedule’s support staff, they got back to me right away and were eager to help. Snap Schedule has been a great time saver for me.”