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Case Study: Black Tower Security Services

The Challenge Black Tower Security Services is a full-service security and protection firm in British Columbia that needs to manage staff scheduling for 50 to 200 staff throughout Canada, the United States, and overseas. Personnel must have—and schedulers must know about—a wide variety of specialized training and experience with canines for explosives, weapons and narcotics […]

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Case Study: Multisite Medical Clinic Cuts Physician Shift Scheduling Time by Half and Has Complete Schedule Visibility

The Challenge When not with patients, Dr. Claudia F. Olson, MD, must find time to assess expected workloads by location and specialty so she can add or subtract applicable providers and shifts to ensure optimal coverage. But physicians often specify preferences such as “no Sundays” or “no evenings,” and unexpected changes require juggling schedules in […]

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Case Study: Shift and Rotation Scheduling for Large Work Forces

An example of the high degree of trust customers place in Mississippi Security Police (MSP) is the company’s protection of the Pascagoula Chevron Refinery. With 1,000 acres of production capabilities on a 3,000-acre property, it is Chevron’s largest U.S. refinery and one of ten largest in the country. The facility produces 330,000 barrels (13.9 million […]

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Case Study: Police Department Tightens Staff Scheduling, Gets Back Hours, and Can Save Overtime

The Challenge Sierra Madre Police Department (SMPD) sworn officers work 3-day/12-hour schedules with payback hours every 28 days. Civilians work 4-day/10-hour or 5-day/8-hour shift schedules and may be in the 24/7/365 rostering coverage. Before 2009, Captain Giannone and his work scheduler labored with Microsoft Excel to make personnel available for all shifts, the unexpected, and […]

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