Error when trying to import data from QuickBooks


I’m getting an error message, “Retrieving the COM class factory for component CLSID {FC3C4882-C13E-46E7-96F1-CEE313320787} failed due to the following error: 80040154”, when I try to import data from QuickBooks.


The error is caused by a QuickBooks setup/system configuration that prevents the Snap Schedule from accessing the currently running instance of QuickBooks.


Snap Schedule 2008 is a .NET software application and uses the API provided by Intuit to access data within QuickBooks. This API is sometimes not installed during the QuickBooks installation process and must be installed after the fact.

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Snap Schedule uses version 7.0 of the QuickBooks SDK to communicate with the currently running instance of QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Simple Start. If you receive this error you can try installing the QBFC 7.0 library on the machine that contains both Snap Schedule and QuickBooks. For your reference, we have included a link to the QBFC 7.0 installer below.

Click here to download the QBFC 7.0 Installer (11.4 MB)

Be sure to close both QuickBooks and Snap Schedule prior to installing the QBFC 7.0 library in order to ensure the necessary settings take full effect.

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