Considering Excel work schedule templates to replace your pencil-and-paper work scheduling method? Before you download any of the free employee work schedule templates, let’s hear from Dean Morrison of Excell Cleaning Services Ltd. who swept out Excel work schedule templates and sent in Snap Schedule.

“Excell Cleaning is a growing, medium-sized, facilities-cleaning business of approximately 25 staff in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company notes, “Our operation and our industry is a unique challenge in staff and shift scheduling. We have to schedule people over multiple sites, then assign varying tasks by each site—some similar, some unique. And they aren’t always the same tasks each week.

“We had been coping with these scheduling complexities in a very time-consuming way using Excel templates for shift work and task assignments. We manually gave some cells little dots and manually colour-coded cells by employee. Even with all our ingenuity, load-balancing was very difficult. The process was error-prone and we spent many unnecessary hours in administration. Even then, Excel couldn’t give us accurate hours totals for companies or staff, and nothing by way of reports.

Master Your Shift Scheduling

Snap Schedule 365 Automates It All!

Discover the power of automatic shift callouts, open shift notifications, time off & overtime management.

“When we downloaded the trial version of Snap Schedule and applied it to our problems, we instantly knew our hours were going to get a lot shorter. Snap Schedule is automated, not manual. It was created to entirely resolve shift problems. We’re not force-fitting a generic tool like Excel into a difficult stretch that it’s not meant to do.

“Snap Schedule is intuitive and very easy to use. Unlike a lot of software, it does what you want it to, the buttons do what you hope they will. Of all the shift-management solutions we trialed, Snap Schedule was the best fit for our difficult requirements. And it came at a fair price.

“Its most useful feature for us is the Two-Week Daily View. We instantly see who is—and will be—at what customer site, during what days and hours, and what they’ll be doing.

“Snap Schedule is much easier, and so much more cost-effective, than paper records or Excel for tracking scheduling, attendance, even timesheet processing for payroll. Now we wish we could get all those hours we spent back from Excel!”