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Click to Download Take a tour of Snap Schedule (8:48 minutes, 24MB)

Master Your Shift Scheduling

Snap Schedule 365 Automates It All!

Discover the power of automatic shift callouts, open shift notifications, time off & overtime management.

As with any powerful software tool, Snap Schedule is a multi-faceted application. This video provides a quick tour and overview of the features using an example schedule of a fictitious Fire Department.

Click to Download Creating a new schedule using a wizard (7:01 minutes, 7MB)

If you schedule employees to meet fluctuating demands, have part-time employees that must be scheduled depending on their availability, or use skill-based scheduling, watch this video to see how the new schedule wizard can get you started in no time.

Click to Download Creating a new schedule from a pre-designed plan (3:57 minutes, 6MB)
Snap Schedule comes with a collection of pre-designed schedule plans that implement standard and popular shift schedules for virtually all industries. This video demonstrates just how easy it is to create a new schedule using one of the pre-designed plans.
Click to Download Scheduling using the Daily view (9:39 minutes, 26MB)
Using a perpetual calendar, Snap Schedule provides different views into the same schedule information. The Daily view shows all shift and time off assignments for each employee in a spreadsheet-like table. Learn how to schedule employees with a simple drag & drop, copy, move, and adjust shift assignments.
Click to Download Scheduling individual tasks within a shift (5:38 minutes, 17MB)
In addition to shift scheduling, Snap Schedule lets you schedule individual tasks within an employee’s shift assignment. This video shows how the Task View presents task assignments in a graphical representation of the timing and duration of tasks the employee is scheduled to perform within a given shift.
Click to Download Using the Shift Coverage Planner (6:01 minutes, 11MB)
The main goal of employee scheduling is to match the number of available employees with the demand that exists in a given time period. This video shows how the Shift Coverage Planner within Snap Schedule lets you define how many people you need by position, skill, or shift assignment reason.
Click to Download Managing employee data (2:37 minutes, 5MB)
Snap Schedule provides powerful record keeping features to help you manage employee records including contact information, availability, positions, authorized work locations, and skills.
Click to Download Managing shift data (1:45 minutes, 3MB)
Shift is the term in Snap Schedule to define the divisions of work in a day. This video shows how you can create shifts to describe divisions of labor, responsibilities, or any other categories of work you would like to assign to your employees.
Click to Download Defining time off reasons (1:13 minutes, 3MB)
You can define time off resons to classify the scheduled time that occurs when an employee is not present at work during a normally scheduled work period. This video demonstrates how you can use time off reasons to plan for events such as vacation, training, and medical leave.
Click to Download Using shift assignment reasons (0:54 minutes, 3MB)
This video shows how shift assignment reasons are used to provide additional details and explanations when making a shift assignment.
Click to Download Saving a schedule (1:28 minutes, 4MB)
Snap Schedule keeps all employee, shift, and scheduling information in a single SQL Server database file. This video demonstrates the different options you have when saving a schedule file.