The E-mail Schedule wizard in Snap Schedule lets you e-mail work schedules using your Yahoo! account to all or selected employees. Each e-mail can contain the employee’s personal schedule or schedule information of all selected employees. You have the option to include an iCalendar formatted file that contains the employee’s personal schedule as well, so your employees can import their schedules into their calendar programs or PDAs.

To e-mail work schedules to your employees using a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, you will need to configure Snap Schedule to use the Yahoo! SMTP server to deliver e-mails, as described below. Please note it is a requirement to have ‘Mail Plus’ activated on your Yahoo! account in order to use this feature with your Yahoo! account.

  • Specify sender information and STMP Server to be used:

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    To do this, select the “Manage” tab, click on “Settings”, and then select the “E-mail Settings” tab to bring up the E-mail Settings dialog. Alternatively, you can access the e-mail configuration dialog from the first screen of the E-mail Schedules wizard by clicking the “Edit” button. Enter in the following information on the E-mail Settings dialog.

    In the “Sender Information” section:

    Sender name: Enter the name you would like to use for the ‘From’ field
    Sender Email Address: Enter your Yahoo! e-mail address (e.g.

    In the “Server Information” section:

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    SMTP server port number: 465

    In the “Login Information” section:

    My SMTP server requires me to log in check box: Make sure this box is checked
    User Name: Your Yahoo! login name followed by (e.g.
    Password: Your Yahoo! password (e.g. password)
    My SMTP server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) check box: Make sure this box is checked

  • Send a test message to verify:

    After entering the information above and ensuring all of the applicable boxes are checked, click on the “Send Test Message” button to test the connection. If all of the settings have been correctly entered and the connection is working properly, you will see a message indicating that a test message was successfully sent to your Yahoo! e-mail address. Otherwise, check your settings and verify that you have access to the Internet and that port 587 is not being blocked and try again.

Once the setup is successfully completed, you can use the Snap Schedule E-mail Schedules wizard to send work schedules to your employees.

For more information on Yahoo!’s Mail Plus service and a tutorial, click here.