Call centers, 911 dispatch centers, emergency services, and help desks may need to schedule when an employee can take a lunch or break to ensure adequate coverage and maintain a consistant service level. Snap Schedule lets you do this with the use of tasks. Basically, you define a set of shifts and tasks, assign employees to shifts, and then assign tasks within the shifts so that availability of employees is matched with the workload requirements for each time period.

This tutorial will help you with ‘task’ creation. We will start with the creation of a ‘shift’ because the duration of unpaid time (In the case of breaks) is specified within ‘Shift’ creation/editing.

  • To create a shift, click on the ‘Manage’ tab at the top left corner of the application and then select ‘Shifts’. When creating a new shift, you can specify the shift start and end times and also the duration of unpaid time if breaks or lunch breaks are not paid time off.

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  • To create a task, click on the ‘Manage’ tab at the top left corner of the application and then select ‘tasks’. You can name the task to fit your need and also set default task duration and a time window when a task is allowed to start.
  • To assign a shift to an employee, simply drag-and-drop the shift from the Assignment Pane to a cell while in the Daily view. Alternatively, you can double-click a cell to bring up a dialog box that lets you quickly add or edit an assignment.

  • To assign tasks to employees, use the same simple drag/drop operations while in the Task View. The Task view is a graphical representation of the timing and duration of the various tasks an employee is scheduled to perform within a given shift. You select the date and the shift to view using the current view date picker and the Shift drop-down list. Alternatively, you can double click on the shift you would like to add a task to while in the Daily view and click on the ‘Tasks’ button on. This will open the tasks menu where you can add and configure a task. If you schedule the task outside of the time window allotted for the specific task, you will get a warning flag.

  • To print a task/break schedule for each shift, use the Print Screen key to print out what you see on the Task view. Alternatively, you can get a task roster by running the Task Assignment Summary by Employee or the Task Assignment Details by Employee report.