You can use Snap Schedule Premium Employee Scheduling Software to maintain complete information about your employees.

If you already maintain employee data elsewhere, you can go to the File section, and import this data from Intuit Quickbooks or MS Excel.

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If not, just go to the Manage section to define all sorts of employee data, including your individual employees, the positions they fill, their skills and certifications, and more.

“Positions” are the types of workers you employ, like front-line agents and shift supervisors. You can right-click on a position to edit or delete it, double-click to see all its details, or click the link at the top to add a new position. Give your position a code (that is, a unique name), and enter a description. And you can also choose a color to make this position stand out on the schedule views.

Likewise, you can list the skills and certifications that are important in your industry. Again, right-click to edit or delete, double-click to see the details, or click the link to define a new skill. Enter a code, a description, and if you like, a sort order. But you can also choose to display a warning when it’s time to renew an employee’s certification—for instance, 14 days before it expires.

Now, let’s list our employees. You can see each worker’s name, their position, the main location where they work, the team they belong to, their contact information, and more. As before, you can right-click, double-click, or create a new employee at the top. There are only two required fields: a unique code for this employee (for instance, their ID number), and their name. But you can also specify their position in your company, assign them to a team, choose the date when they started working for you, the date when they stopped (choose “None,” if they’re still working for you), and whether they’re Active and available to work, or not. You can set their hourly wage, and check whether they’re exempt from overtime pay. And you can click the down arrow at the top right of this page to add a photo of each employee.

Use the tabs at the top to add even more details, like your employee’s contact information, the locations where they’re authorized to work, the skills and certifications they’ve earned and when they’ll expire, and more—even their desired work schedule. How many hours would they like to work in each pay period? You can set each employee’s maximum hours, minimum hours, and maximum overtime hours per day, define similar limits per work period, and specify how many days in a row they’re willing to work.

You can even choose which days of the week this employee is willing to work. Then, click the button on the right to specify whether they’re available all day long, or only during specific hours. You can even click Add and define multiple intervals when this employee is available on a particular day of the week. Snap Schedule Premium will automatically warn you when you assign an employee to work too many hours, too many consecutive days, or at a time when they’re not available. Please note: If you’re using Employee Remote Access, employees can also log in on the web, or with our mobile app, and update their own availability.

Click on our logo to save your changes, or to save and start adding another new employee. You can even click “Customize Fields,” and request additional information specific to your industry. Check off as many text fields as you need, label each one, and choose what kind of data should be entered, like an email address, a file location, or just free text. You can also add and label extra date fields, number fields, and check boxes. Just click “OK” to save. Now, whenever you open an employee record, you can click on the “Custom Fields” tab, and fill out the information you just requested.

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