The Challenge

Located 45 miles south of Salt Lake City is Brigham Young University (BYU), one of the largest private universities in the United States and home to over thirty four thousand students. At the heart of the university is a bustling Visual Arts department that services more than a thousand students. Housed in the Harris Fine Arts Center and the Jessie Knight Building, the College of Fine Arts and Communications includes five theatres; two concert halls; three art galleries; design, journalism, advertising, broadcast, film, and music laboratories; and many music practice and rehearsal rooms. This department offers undergraduate degrees in ten different areas and graduate degrees in three areas of emphasis.

Central to the studio curriculum of the Department of Visual Arts are painting and drawing classes. In these classes, life models pose while students study the human form from life models and draw. Poses vary in length from few minutes to several hours, with breaks. Managing work schedules for these life models is complicated and time-consuming. As students themselves, life models have their own class schedules to balance – some prefer to work on Tuesday and Thursday and others may be available only between classes. Keeping track of when the 30 plus student employees are available to work down by the hour to accommodate split shifts due to varying class schedules is a challenge. What’s more, these students don’t always work at the same location and a last minute no-show is always a possibility. Making efficient and reliable scheduling is of the utmost importance— a task expertly handled by Sonya Schiffman with the help of Snap Schedule.

The Solution

Before Snap Schedule, scheduling was done manually with pencil and paper- a cumbersome and time consuming task. “It used to take two or three days each week to correctly schedule all of the students, and I would have to separately email each student’s schedule.” said Sonya Schiffman. Snap Schedule employee scheduling software changed all that and made creating, altering and viewing schedules a snap. “Now, it only takes two to three hours a week to do what used to take me whole days. Also, the automated group e-mail feature of Snap Schedule ensures that the student models are always aware of when and where they are assigned to work. Snap Schedule allows me to keep track of employee contact information, location assignments, and other important information all in one convenient place.”

Master Your Shift Scheduling

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The transition from manual scheduling to Snap Schedule software is a huge change for the better, without any time lost spent on learning or adapting to the software. “When I took charge of scheduling from my predecessor, I worried that Snap Schedule would be hard to learn, but Snap Schedule is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. I was able to figure out how to use Snap Schedule quickly by myself. It was extremely straightforward and simple to understand. In no time I was scheduling students with ease.”

“Thanks to Snap Schedule, I save entire days that would have been wasted working on creating work schedules. Student scheduling has never been easier.”