If you plan to use Snap Schedule to e-mail schedules to your employees, you will need to configure e-mail delivery using the “E-mail Settings” tab on the “Business Information” dialog box and have access to the Internet when using this feature.

Snap Schedule uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send e-mail messages via the Internet to an SMTP server for delivery. It requires the name or the IP address of an SMTP server as part of its configuration. The SMTP mail server that you specified in this tab is the one that delivers the e-mail messages to the recipients. The SMTP server information is normally provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your network administrator.

The following fields need to be configured in order for e-mail delivery to work correctly:

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Sender name
The name that you would like to use as the sender of e-mail messages.

Sender e-mail address
The e-mail address that you would like to use when sending out e-mail messages. This address will appear as the From address in the recipient’s e-mail message.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
The complete name of the server provided by your ISP or mail administrator. Usually, this is smtp. followed by your domain name. For example, smtp.mydomain.com.

SMTP server port number
The port number used to communicate with the SMTP mail server. The default is port 25.

My SMTP server requires me to log in
Check this box if your SMTP mail server requires log in and enter your user name and password. This is almost always required if your ISP allows you to send e-mail messages through your ISP e-mail account. Just as you must use a password to access your e-mail messages, this option requires that you provide a user name and password to send e-mail messages through the SMTP server. Usually, these are the same user name and password used for getting your e-mails; however, they can be different.

My SMTP server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
Check this box if your SMTP mail server requires a secure (enrypted) connection.

Send Test Messages
Once you have entered all information, click this button to send a test message to the e-mail address specified in Sender e-maill address. You should run this test and verify that the test message is successfully sent.