Snap Schedule comes with a large collection of shift schedules (also known as schedule plans) for fixed and rotating compressed work week, 8, 10, 12, and 24 hour work schedules that meet scheduling needs for virtually all shift-based businesses. You will likely find one that fit your needs. If not, use these pre-designed schedule plans as a starting point and then modify to suit your specific needs.

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Plan IDPlan NameCoverageNo. Of TeamsShiftsRotationRepeat CycleAvg Hrs /Week
C2TF12-12 Team Fixed 1224/7212-HrFixed1 day84
C3TR12-1DNO24/7312-HrRotating3 days56
C3TR12-2DDNNOO24/7312-HrRotating6 days56
C3TR12-3Extended 1224/7312-HrRotating21 days56
C3TF08-13 Team Fixed 824/738-HrFixed7 days56
C3TF24-13 Team Fixed 2424/7324-HrFixed63 days61.3
C3TF24-2Kelly Shift Schedule24/7324-HrFixed9 days56
C3TF24-348-96 Shift Schedule24/7324-HrFixed6 days56
C3TF24-424-48 Shift Schedule24/7324-HrFixed3 days56
C4TR08-1Continental 24/748-HrRotating28 days42
C4TR08-2Metropolitan24/748-HrRotating8 days42
C4TR08-3Rotating 824/748-HrRotating28 days42
C4TR08-46 On 2 Off24/748-HrRotating24 days42
C4TR12-1Fast 1224/7412-HrRotating8 days42
C4TR12-2Panama24/7412-HrRotating56 days42
C4TR12-3DuPont Shift Schedule24/7412-HrRotating28 days42
C4TR12-42-2 3-2 2-3 Rotating Shift Schedule24/7412-HrRotating28 days42
C4TR0812-18 Plus 1224/748-Hr, 12-HrRotating28 days42
C4TR1415-1ICU Interns24/7414-Hr, 15.5-HrRotating4 days76.5
C4TF12-1Pitman Shift Schedule24/7412-HrFixed14 days42
C5TR0812-1Panama Plus24/758-Hr, 12-HrRotating280 days41.6
C5TR10-14-2 4-3 4-3 Ten Hour Rotating24/7510-HrRotating20 days42
C5TR10-25-3 5-4 5-3 Ten Hour Rotating24/7510-HrRotating25 days42
C5TR10-36-4 6-4 6-4 Ten Hour Rotating24/7510-HrRotating30 days42
C6TR10-14-3 Ten Hour Rotating24/7610-HrRotating21 days40
C6TR08-1Low Night Demand24/768-HrRotating42 days37.3
C21TF08-121 Team Fixed 8 5D Plan24/7218-HrFixed7 days40
C21TF08-221 Team Fixed 8 6D Plan24/7218-HrFixed49 days40
N1TF08-19 To 5Not 24/718-HrFixed7 days40
N2TF10-14-10Not 24/7210-HrFixed7 days40
N2TF0809-15-4-9Not 24/728-Hr, 9-HrFixed28 days40

Plan ID Explained:

Master Your Shift Scheduling

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A Plan ID uniquely identifies each pre-designed schedule plan. It is a string of numbers and characters that helps convey how the plan is classified.

  • The first letter is either C for continuous (24/7) operation or N for non-continuous operation.
  • The next two letters represent the number of teams required to implement the plan.
  • The next letter is either R for rotating or F for fixed (permanent) shifts.
  • The string of numbers that follow represents the shift length used. For examples, 08 indicates 8-hour shift and 0812 indicates a combination of 8-hour and 12-hour shifts.
  • The number that follows the dash (-) is the plan number.