With Snap Schedule, assigning shifts for your employees is as easy as drag and drop.

Click on “Daily” at the Schedule tab, to see your master schedule for the coming week.  Just choose a color-coded shift from the sidebar, like day shift or night shift, and you can drag it onto your schedule, to assign that shift to the appropriate employee, on the appropriate day.  Or click “Time Off” in the sidebar, and mark any days when an employee is not available.  And of course, Snap Schedule automatically flags any schedule conflicts.

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You can also click on “Calendar,” and then choose an employee, to see their schedule for the coming week or month.  And again, you can click and drag to assign shifts and schedule time off.

Choose “Shift” view, for a list of everyone working a particular shift, on a particular day, or at a particular location.  In this case, you can choose an employee from the sidebar, and add them to that shift.

Or, you can select “Task” view, to see the individual tasks you’ve assigned to each employee, within each particular shift.  Here, you can choose a task from the sidebar, assign it to the right employee, and then expand or contract the task duration, to fine-tune your schedule.

Go back to Daily view and hover over a shift assignment, and you’ll see every one of these tasks.  Or, right-click on a cell, and you can assign a new shift, schedule time off, or even Copy… and Paste that shift, including every single task.  You can also click and drag to choose a group of cells, and use standard keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste several shifts at once.

You can even click the “Copy Assignments” button at the top, choose a starting date, and then copy and paste a whole week—or even a month—of your schedule, in just a few clicks.  You can duplicate the shift assignments, individual tasks, the days of the week when certain employees can’t work, and even the number of staff you require for every single shift.

Finally, Snap Schedule also supports special shifts.  You can click and drag to assign the first and second parts of a split shift.  Right-click, and place an employee on call, just in case you need them.  Or even double-click on a cell and adjust the details however you like; for instance, I’ll allow this employee to leave half an hour early next Tuesday, for a doctor’s appointment.

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