With Snap Schedule employee scheduling software, you can easily assign your employees to work on different activities, projects, or at different work stations, within each of their shifts.

Go to the Manage section to add a new task or change a task’s information.  For each task, you can choose a variety of settings, including what time that task is available—for instance, when that work station opens and closes each day.  And you can choose which employees are authorized to perform the task. You can also use the 25 customizable fields in the Custom Fields tab to record additional information specific to your industry.

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Just go to the Schedule section and click on Task view, to see any tasks you’ve already assigned.  By default, each column represents one hour during the day, but you can open the dropdown and select shorter increments, instead.  Use the date picker to move through your schedule one day at a time, one week at a time, or open the calendar and set tasks for any date you like.

For each employee, the Task view also shows the total length of their shift, and how many hours of tasks they’ve been assigned.  And at the bottom, you’ll see a graph showing how many employees have been assigned tasks during each hour of the shift.

Just choose a task on the sidebar—like an activity, a work station, a special project, or just a lunch break—and drag it onto the schedule, to assign it to a particular employee, at a particular time.  Snap Schedule will automatically flag any task assignment conflicts, like tasks that begin before the employee’s shift.

You can also right-click on a cell and select “Assign Task,” for a list of the tasks this employee is authorized to perform; just click on the one you want.  You can also click and drag to select a group of cells, and then right-click, and assign the same task to several employees at once.  Click on a task to highlight it, and then right-click, and you can clear that task, or copy it and then paste it to another employee.

Select a task and hover over the right or left edge, and you can lengthen or shorten the task.  Hover over the top or bottom, to drag the task to a different time, or a different employee.  You can even double-click on a task for a detailed view, and type in the exact start time, and end time, you want.  Then, click “OK” to confirm.

When you go to Daily view, Shift view, or Calendar view, you can hover any shift assigned to any employee, and see the tasks they’ve been assigned during that shift.

You can also click on “Reports,” and then on Task Assignments, to generate a variety of useful reports.  For instance, you can give each employee a list of their task assignments for the day.  Give a supervisor at each work station a list of the employees who will report to them, hour by hour.  Review how many hours each employee devoted to each type of task last month.  Or see how many hours your whole staff has devoted to a special project, and which types of employees have spent the most time on it.

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