The Snap Schedule interface couldn’t be simpler.  If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office, you’ll feel right at home—and if not, it’s easy to learn.

All your tools are right here at the top.  You can view your schedule, customize the display, filter your results, assign employees to shifts, and email your schedule straight to your staff.

Master Your Shift Scheduling

Snap Schedule 365 Automates It All!

Discover the power of automatic shift callouts, open shift notifications, time off & overtime management.

Just click on “Daily,” to see your master schedule.  For each employee, on each day of the week,  you’ll see a color-coded assignment, like day shift, night shift, and so on.

You can also view one shift at a time, and see which employees you’ve assigned.  Or click on “Calendar,” and then choose an employee, to see their schedule for the coming month.  You can even assign specific Tasks to each employee, and schedule them down to the minute.  Go back to the calendar and hover over a cell, and you’ll see every one of these tasks.

Click on “Schedule Outlook” for a high-level view.  How many workers do you need, and how many have you assigned, for each shift?

To assign more, you can choose a cell, click on the “Shift” button, and assign your employee to the appropriate shift.  Or, just choose a shift on the sidebar, and drag it onto your schedule.  Of course, you can also drag time off onto the schedule, from Vacation Days to Jury Duty—or, use the “Time Off” button, instead.  You can even right-click on any cell, to assign a shift, schedule time off, and more.  Snap Schedule will flag any schedule conflicts automatically.

For more options, you can go to the Manage tab, to access Administrative tools, enter data about your employees, define your shifts… and run a wide range of Reports.  You can list the employees working the day shift tomorrow, or send an employee their complete schedule for the month.

Visit the File tab, to save your work, start a new schedule, and get help from our learning center.

Finally, notice the Quick Access toolbar at the very top.  You can run reports, or print a schedule, without navigating any menus.  And you can right-click on any button and add it to this toolbar, to easily customize the interface.

Need help?  You can hover over any tool for a help bubble, click the question mark at the top right, keep watching our video tutorials, or just visit our website  at