When trying to e-mail schedule information to employees, sometimes a SQL error indicating a “File Sharing Violation” is displayed. This prevents the e-mail wizard from operating normally.

Note: This only occurs when the Schedule file is located on a network share.

Affected Products/Versions

  • Snap Schedule V1.0.2988 and earlier


This issue has been fixed in a later release of Snap Schedule.

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If you still are running Snap Schedule V1.0.2988 or earlier, we recommend upgrading to the latest version. Upgrading will not affect your licensing. If you are unable to upgrade your software, use the workaround described below to save the schedule file to a local drive to circumvent the problem.

  • The round application icon at the the top of the screen
  • Click on the “Save As” menu.
  • In the File Save dialog box, navigate to a directory on your local drive like “My Documents”.
  • Enter new file name.
  • Click “Save” to save the schedule file locally.
  • Re-run the e-mail wizard.