With Snap Schedule Premium, your employees can punch in and out using Employee Remote Access, and you can monitor their attendance from your desktop.

To turn on this special feature, just go to the Manage tab, click on “Employee Access,” and then check “Allow employees to punch in and out.”  You can also set limits here.  How early and how late can your employees punch in?  How early or late can they punch out?  When you’re done, click OK.

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Employees can record their work hours using any web browser or our mobile app.  They’ll choose “Punch In/Out” on the main menu, and click “Punch In.” They’ll choose the appropriate reason: are they starting a new shift, coming back from lunch, or have they reached their assigned post or started their next job?  They can type in a comment, as well.  Then, they’ll click “Punch In” again to confirm.   Likewise, they can Punch Out—for instance, when they’re ready to go to lunch—and confirm.

To manage your employees’ punches, just go to the Schedule tab, and click on Punch view.  You’ll see a list of your employees, with their assigned shifts for the day.  And you’ll also see a green diamond marking each time an employee punched in, and a red diamond marking each time an employee punched out.  Hover over a cell, and you can see the exact time and reason for every punch.  New punches are updated automatically.

Punch view makes it easy to compare each employee’s assigned shift (the color-coded box) with the hours the employee actually worked (the lines between the diamonds).  On the right-hand side, you’ll also see each employee’s total planned hours for the day, as well as the actual hours worked. A zero means an employee has not yet punched in; a dash means an employee has not yet punched out.  And of course, you can expand the cell to make these numbers easier to read.

The graph at the bottom of the page shows your total coverage at each point in the day, with planned coverage in blue and actual coverage in green.  Hover over the graph to see exactly how many employees were punched in at a particular time.

By default, each column represents one hour.  But you can open the dropdown under the word “Punch,” and choose a different timescale—or even see your staff’s punches as a “List.”

At the top left, you’ll see any pending “in” punches: that is, employees who have not yet punched in, even though their shifts have already started.  You’ll also see a list of employees who have punched in, but have not yet punched out.  And on the right, you’ll see a complete list of all of the employees who have punched in or out today, and every one of their punches—including the exact time, and the reason, for every punch.  As always, you can use the date picker on the toolbar to see this same information for any date you like.

For more details, you can double-click on an employee’s name—or on one of that employee’s shifts, if you’re using the graphical view.  Here, you’ll see your employee, the shift, and every one of the punches for the employee.  If the employee forgot to punch in, you can click “Punch In” and record a new punch for the employee.  Just choose the correct date and the appropriate time.  You can also jump straight to the scheduled start time for the employee’s shift and then make any adjustments, or punch them in right “Now.”  Then, click “Punch In” again to confirm.

Likewise, you can Punch Out for an employee—for instance, at the scheduled end of the employee’s shift—and confirm.  You can even choose an existing punch and Delete it, or click “Edit” and make any changes.  When you’re done, click OK.

Finally, you can go to the Manage tab and click on Report, to generate a variety of reports based on these punch records.  Choose Employee Activities to review all of the punches made by a particular employee, or at a particular work location.  Choose Employee Work Hours, to review your staff’s total recorded hours at each location, create detailed employee timesheets for accurate payroll processing, or compare recorded and scheduled hours by employee or by location.  You can even calculate accurate Labor Costs for each employee-or for your whole staff- based on the hours they actually worked.  Notice: Green icons mark reports based on planned work schedules; brown icons mark reports based on actual punch times.

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