I have Microsoft Office and Excel 2003 / 2007 properly installed on my computer. I’m getting an error message, “Could not perform this operation because Microsoft Office Excel is not installed on this machine”, when I try to import employee data from an Excel spreadsheet or exporting reports to Excel.



If you are having difficulty with the latest version of Snap Schedule, then you might want to re-install the Microsoft Office .NET Primary Interop Assembies (PIA). On some machines the Microsoft PIA may not get installed when the Office software is installed. If there is no .NET framework installed on the machine when Office is installed, then sometimes Microsoft Office installer will not install the PIAs. If, however, there is a .NET framework on the machine, then the Microsoft Office installer would install the PIAs.

Snap Schedule 2010 is a .NET software application and requires the PIA to work with Office products. So if the PIAs are not installed, Snap Schedule cannot communicate with Microsoft Office and in fact doesn’t even know that Office has been installed.

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Office 2003

To resolve this situation if you have Office 2003, re-run your Office 2003 setup and make sure that the .NET Programmability Support option is checked. Refer to Microsoft Knowledgebase article for more information.

The basic idea is to:

  • Run the Microsoft Office 2003 setup and select the “Add or Remove Features” option
  • Select the “Choose advanced customization of applications” option and click Next
  • Expand the “Microsoft Office” and then the “Microsoft Office Excel” options and set the “.NET Programmability Support” option to “Run from My Computer”
  • Click the Update button

This will add the PIAs for Excel to your Office installation. You can also add PIAs for the other Office family products if you wish, but Snap Schedule does not use them.

If you don’t have access to the Microsoft Office CD, you can download the PIAs from the link below:

Office 2007

For Office 2007, the Office setup program will install the PIAs by default if the .NET Framework is present on the machine at the time of installation. If the PIAs were not installed, you can downloaded the PIAs from Microsoft using the link below: