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Manage Employee Work Schedules with Snap Schedule

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A software solution for your weekly scheduling headache

Setting up the weekly work schedule is a task all of us try to avoid. It’s a job that generally gets passed around until someone is found who is obsessive enough, or unlucky enough, to deal with it. In some security protection companies, the job is farmed out to the site supervisors. In others, the […]

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Scheduling security guards manually?

You say you dread two tasks each week: putting together the security guard’s schedule and totaling up the hours for payroll. Both tasks take you hours and there is always at least one mistake. Odds are you are still doing both tasks manually. The term “manually” doesn’t always mean you are using pencil and paper […]

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Snap Schedule can be a big help in planning stage

Landing a big contract at a large site is every security salesperson’s dream. Contracts known as 108’s (1 guard, 2 shifts, 7 days a week), 168’s (1 guard, 3 shifts, 7 days a week, and 236’s (2 guards, 3 shifts, 7 days a week) are fairly common. They are the bread and butter jobs that […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 24/7, 12 hr shifts, 4 on – 4 off

“Our fire department operates 24/7 and need a rotating shift pattern between our Day and Night 12-hour shifts. We have 8 employees to schedule and they should alternate between consecutive Day shifts and Night shifts.” One of the many shift schedules that meet your requirements is below. This schedule plan will require that we set […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 24/7, 8 hr shifts on weekdays, 12 hr shifts on weekends

“We operate 24/7 and use 8 hour shifts on weekdays and 12 hour shifts on weekends. I have 1 employee who works the Day shift Monday through Friday. I need a schedule for my remaining 3 employees to fill in the other shifts.” First we’ll note that we have a total of 14 shifts to […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 24/7, 12 hr shifts, staff with only night availability

“My fire department has 9 full-time employees and 5 volunteer employees. My volunteer employees can only work night shifts. I need a work schedule with 4 employees on the day and night shift each, 24/7. I also don’t want my employees to average more than 50 hours per week.” We first draw attention to the fact that […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 24/7, 8 hr shifts, at least 4 days off over a 7 week period

“I have a 24/7 manufacturing operation with three 8 hour shifts. I have 20 employees and need to have 5 employees per shift. My employees need at least one stretch of at least 4 days off during a 7 week period.  To be fair, employees need to rotate between three shifts.” Because of the need […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 5 Day Shifts, 7 Night Shifts, Higher Night Demand

“I need a schedule with a day shift Monday – Friday and a night shift all seven days of the week. I need 2 employees on the day shifts and 3 employees on each night shift. Sunday and Monday night shifts only require 1 employee. I would like my 5 employees to rotate from 2 […]

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Employee Scheduling Example: 24/7, 8-hr rotating shifts, employees work less than 40 hrs per week

This article shows you how to use Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling software to generate shift schedules to provide 24/7 coverage using 8 hour rotating shifts with employees average less than 40 hrs per week.

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Scheduling police patrol 24/7 using three 8 hour shifts

“I have patrol officers who are assigned routes in different areas of the city. How do I go about setting up their work schedules and find out if I have adequate shift coverage?” The following article will cover how to use Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software to  create a schedule which will allow for scheduling […]

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