Take hassle-free employee scheduling to the cloud, with Snap Schedule Premium Employee Scheduling Software. Assign shifts from your desktop. Collaborate with your managers anywhere in the world. And let your employees check their assignments, clock in/out on the web, or on any mobile device.

Creating a schedule from scratch? You can choose from more than 30 shift patterns—perhaps you’re open 24/7, running four teams on rotating 8-hour shifts. In seconds, you’ll have a complete schedule for your staff.

Master Your Shift Scheduling

Snap Schedule 365 Automates It All!

Discover the power of automatic shift callouts, open shift notifications, time off & overtime management.

Now, choose how to view your schedule. You can see all your assignments for the day, color-coded by shift. List the employees assigned to each shift. Review an employee’s complete schedule, and more.

Assigning shifts is as easy as drag and drop. Select a group of shifts, and you can copy and paste them all at once. Create split shifts and on-call shifts. Schedule time off, from paid vacations to unpaid personal days. You can even assign breaks and other tasks within each of your shifts.

You can also define any limits, like minimum hours per week, maximum hours per day, or which days an employee can work—and Snap Schedule Premium can automatically flag any conflicts.

Check your coverage in an instant. How many people do you need for this shift, and how many do you have? Do you really need two supervisors on at once? Stop overstaffing, and stay on budget.

Or, describe each employee’s skills, any special certifications, and their expiration dates—and then, search for an employee with exactly the skillset you need.

You can even define each employee’s wages, your rules for overtime pay, and any special shift premiums, and automatically calculate your payroll cost for each employee, and for your whole staff, so you can take control of your overtime expenses.

Snap Schedule Premium also includes extensive Reporting capabilities. You can check for any errors in your schedule. Review the total staff time you’ve devoted to a special project. Create employee timesheets based on actual punch times. Track the labor costs for your whole staff, and much, much more. You can customize the time period for each report, sort and filter your results, customize the design… and then, print a copy, save it as a PDF, export it to Excel, and more.

Save your scheduling data on your desktop, on your network, or in the cloud, and let your managers securely access it from anywhere. You’re always in control. You can let your schedulers assign shifts, let supervisors update employee data, and more.

Activate Employee Remote Access for even more flexibility. Now, your employees can log in from the web, or on any mobile device, to review their schedules, update their availability, request time off… and punch in when they’re ready to get to work.

And you can track those punches in real-time. Check the reason for each punch, and easily compare the hours each employee actually works, to the hours they were scheduled for.

You can even create open shifts, invite your employees to bid for the ones they want—and then, review their bids, and accept or reject each one.

Quickly and easily create new schedules. Customize them on the fly. Track your coverage. Understand your payroll. Limit your overtime costs. Set up secure, online access for your managers. Give your employees easy mobile access. And generate professional reports for everyone in your business.

Snap Schedule Premium is the solution for all your scheduling needs. Take a test drive and see for yourself at www.SnapSchedule.com