Appointment scheduling features

Fast, easy, thorough!

  • Familiar Microsoft Office® 2007 style user interface reduces complexity and speeds up learning
  • Contextual tabs bring context sensitive and relevant command options to your attention precisely when they are needed
  • Extensive context-sensitive right-click mouse options speed frequent tasks
  • Standard Microsoft Windows user-interface: Drag and drop, right click menus, keyboard shortcuts, function Tabs on left, your appointment-sorting Tabs on right
  • Each function is a full-featured, robust business application
  • Integration among functions is seamless and imperceptible because all share a common Microsoft SQL Server database
  • No more double- or triple-entering the same information as in older programs.
  • BAM technology auto-dials—and then logs—outbound calls, e-mails, and tracks documents in and out from Business Appointment Manager
  • 25 Customizable Fields can require standard formats for Social Security and numeric fields

Visual, multi-column appointment book screen

  • See, manage and schedule everyone’s appointments on one screen, side-by-side!
  • Schedule a customer for multiple services at once, with multiple providers, and in multiple places.
  • Know who’s where, doing what, when, for how long — and tying up what resources
  • Foresee and resolve appointment scheduling conflicts — end double-bookings
  • Block out meetings, vacations and unavailable resources
  • Update appointment scheduling status as things change
  • Set up Tentative Appointments — Business Appointment Manager Software will find the next availability
  • Set appointments to recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or on sporadic days/dates.
  • Work in the “drop-ins” — Drop out the “no-shows”!
  • Set flexible Reminders and customer-specific Alerts
  • Add 25 Appointment fields that you name and format
  • Effortlessly drag and drop Appointments from one day to another or move them weeks or months in seconds

Flexible appointment scheduling

  • Schedule multiple services or combine services and products together using appointment scheduling templates
  • Reserve rooms, tools, equipment or anything else you must have when making an appointment
  • Rearrange, Sort, filter, list, format and report your appointments hundreds of ways—in seconds
  • Format Calendar in daily, weekly or monthly layouts
  • Attach Alerts about Customer preferences and quirks
  • Set Calendar’s scheduling intervals
  • Set color-coded labels to categorize appointments
  • Create Tabs to filter appointments—by provider, team, specialty, resources, pay grade—you choose it!
  • Add and format 25 Customizable fields in Appointment Forms to company needs
  • Pre-set Provider work hours and individual holidays to avoid conflicts
  • Import existing contacts from everyone’s Microsoft Outlook

Cut hours and minutes off everyone’s “busywork”

  • Right-click on appointments to bring up a context menu with actions as Edit, Delete, Mark Complete, Mark No-Show, Break, Invoice for services, or Show Customer Record.
  • Email provider's appointment schedules, appointment reminders, and confirmation
  • Auto-populate Appointment Forms with Customer contact data
  • Create multiple appointment views to filter—by provider, team, specialty, resources, pay grade—you name it!
  • Providers use Business Appointment Manager’s time clock to log calls, appointment and task durations
  • Set appointment scheduling intervals; work hours and holidays
  • Set color-coded labels to categorize appointments and see patterns
  • Sort, filter, list, format and report your appointments in hundreds of ways
  • Find any appointment in seconds by Provider, Customer, Status, Resources, Phone Number and other fields
  • Export and print appointment reports in PDFs, Excel, Word

Getting and keeping customers

  • Follow customers from first contact to close of sale
  • Instantly see details of past and future appointments, services, purchases, and communications records
  • Follow customer needs from conception through collection
  • Know when staff has down time. Fill it with cold calls.
  • Click on a Business Appintment Manager phone or fax number and your modem autodials it
  • Faster calling, no misdials—and a clear call record in Business Appointment Manager Software’s database.
  • Trigger your e-mails from Business Appointment Manager Software — get a complete, reportable communication trail
  • Create, reuse and adapt letter templates to speed daily correspondence and e-mails
  • Import contacts from Outlook
  • Add and format 25 user-definable fields—text, numbers, dates, checkboxes—in Contact

Sell, invoice for, track, and report stock levels

  • Include stock or non-inventory items in appointments
  • Invoice for inventory and non-inventory items
  • View real-time inventory status such as quantity on hand, on order, and more
  • Get easy stock reports to see what’s low
  • Know inventory levels, set reorder points
  • Order stock and enter deliveries into Business Appointment Manager Software with just a few clicks


  • Auto-calculate and insert individual staff rates and totals
  • Auto-sum appointment durations, services, and time-clock tasks
  • Show line items for inventory, non-inventory, taxes, even mileage and third-party services and goods
  • Choose from five ready made Invoice Templates or adapt Invoice forms to your needs
  • E-mail invoices in PDF or other formats
  • Know status of every invoice
  • Extensive sales-tax management tools for VAT, multiple zones and tax authorities
  • Create and auto-calculate discounts for frequent customers, big account customers, etc.

Collections and revenue

  • Generate customer statements detailing invoices, payments, credits, and aging balances
  • Auto-dial and log collection calls and emails—and track each one
  • Assess finance charges on overdue invoices
  • See and report company receipts, overall health and details
  • Project income using periods and filters you specify
  • See trends in the company, in individual Providers or specific Customers
  • Export detailed financial data to Microsoft Small Business Accounting software - no double entry

Reporting power and ease

  • Report on any appointment, Provider, Customer, Resource, Inventory item, or account
  • Track payments, outcomes, cancels/no-shows, referrals and other key aspects practice management
  • Set date ranges, sort, filter, list, and report your company data hundreds of ways
  • Customize lists and reports to display, sort, filter, group and export fields, even Customizable Fields you’ve created and formatted
  • Save (memorize) and reuse report templates you have tailored
  • Drill-down links in actual reports, show you details on staff, customers, appointments, invoices, et al.
  • Print and export reports in various formats, depending on who needs what
  • Mail merge directly from from reports to print labels or send form letters to customers

Built with the latest technologies

  • Business Appointment Manager Software works with on-premise or Web-hosted SQL Server platforms as well as in-the-cloud database services like Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Business Appointment Manager Software SQL Server database supports virtually Unlimited Providers, Resources, Contacts, Customers, Appointments, Tasks, Invoices, Communications Records and billing transactions
  • Multi-user support - with sufficient hardware, thousands of concurrent users can be supported
  • Remote employees and distant offices can open Business Appointment Manager Software database over the Internet using a broadband Internet connection or Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Integration with other Microsoft Office programs helps streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
  • BAM is developed in C# to run on top of the advanced Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework for faster task execution, installations and deployments
  • System integrators can use the Business Appointment Manager Software software development kit to access and manipulate BAM data, or to create custom plug-ins to extend its functionality

Who needs Business Appointment Manager Sofware?

Academics Advisors
Accounting Services
Assisted Living Centers
Attorneys & Legal Services
Archtitects & Engineers
Banks & Financial Planners
Barber Services
Car Detailing Services
Carpet & Flooring Installation
Caterers & Events Planners
Cleaning Services
Community Centers
Dance Instructors & Studios
Dentists & Doctors
Government Offices
Hair Nail & Beauty Salons
Healthcare Services
Homecare Agencies
Home Health Nursing Agencies
Hospitals & Medical Clinics
Insurance Adjusters & Agents
Interior Designers
Massage Therapists
Medical Staffing Agencies
Nurse Staffing Agencies
Music Instructors
Nurses Registry Services
Nursing Agencies
Personal Trainers
Pets Clinics & Hospitals
Pets Grooming Services
Physical Therapists
Realtors & Real Estate Agencies
Rental Services
Senior Centers
Spas & Tanning Salons
Sports & Tennis Courts
Sports & Fitness Instructors
Veterinarian Offices