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Schedule setup for manufacturing operations with rotating positions

“I have employees who must rotate around various job positions and work areas (locations). How do I go about setting up their work schedules and find out if I have adequate shift coverage?” This article will explain how to set up your employee work schedules using Snap Schedule. If you have employees who work in many different positions at various… Read More »Schedule setup for manufacturing operations with rotating positions

Ask Mr Snap Scheduler

You are welcome to ask questions related to employee scheduling and we will post the answer on this blog for everyone to benefit from.  Use the form below to ask a new question, share scheduling tips, or provide feedback.   Please follow these guidelines. Provide as much supporting information as possible to help us understand your operations. If you are asking for help with shift… Read More »Ask Mr Snap Scheduler

Snap Schedule vs Excel Work Schedule Templates

Considering Excel work schedule templates to replace your pencil-and-paper work scheduling method? Before you download any of the free employee work schedule templates, let’s hear from Dean Morrison of Excell Cleaning Services Ltd. who swept out Excel work schedule templates and sent in Snap Schedule. “Excell Cleaning is a growing, medium-sized, facilities-cleaning business of approximately 25 staff in Christchurch, New… Read More »Snap Schedule vs Excel Work Schedule Templates

Scheduling Basics

The goal of employee scheduling is to put the right employees on the right jobs at the right times to meet your business demands. Regardless of the industry, the employee scheduling process consists of four essentially universal phases: Determining workload and coverage requirements, including special skills or certifications Designing a scheduling framework to meet demands Building employee work schedules from… Read More »Scheduling Basics