Minimum System Requirements

If you've purchased your PC computer within the past few years, you probably already have everything you need to run Snap Schedule. To run Snap Schedule on a Mac computer, you will need Boot Camp, VMware, or Parallels software installed on your Mac.

Client Computer

PC with a Pentium III 800 MHz or faster processor, 512 MB or more of RAM, 20 GB hard disk, Super VGA (1,024x768) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor. Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later, or Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012.

Database Server

The included copy of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 (for older Windows OS) or 2012 Express Edition software can be installed on the same client computer running Snap Schedule Premium or on a dedicated computer in a local area network for better performance.

Alternatively, you can use existing on-premise or Web-hosted SQL Server 2005 to 2016 platforms as well as a cloud-based relational database service like Microsoft SQL Azureā„¢.

Try It For Yourself

Download Snap Schedule Premium and try it free on your personal computer. The trial period starts on the day you first use our software and automatically expires 30 days after. You can use one of the sample schedules to evaluate the software features or enter real data and use Snap Schedule Premiumn to schedule and manage your employees.

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If you prefer personalized online demo from the convenience of your office via Citrix GoToMeeting, we can do that too. We will schedule one of our product specialists to help you set up your schedule, walk you through the many features of our scheduling software, and answer your specific questions. There is no risk, no cost, and absolutely no obligation on your part.

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